Monday, February 15, 2010

Tips Create Product Review from

With these developments, has adopted a market place (marketplace) and ASP is beneficial and at the time many analysts were predicting the company's business model continue to float to the other categories. This estimate is happening in 2001, made an alliance with retail companies and traders of physical products through catalogs, by All-Clas MetalCrafters, AT $ T Wireless, Borders, Catalog City, Circuit,, Target, Waterstone, and Wusthof.

Illustration above shows how starting from a retailer or electronic bookstore into a horizontal portal and ASP by offering many products and services, and make alliances with other business models.

Here are some tips along the way :

1. Completing amazon product data

- Find products bestsellers / new release on amazon
- Change the title to the cheese-on-google search! Important
- Pictures taken him only url
- The image is displayed lord and sebanyaknya

2. Make a link to Amazon (with the tag amazon)

- The link is an image
- Link text "Buy this product from Amazon"



ref = pd_ts_t_5? ie = UTF8 & s = toys-and-games

TAKE and add the tag:

3. Showing Adsense

- Colors adjusted (blend)
- Select size large ad
- The best diposisi / main

4. Manage your blog

- Every 2 days once filled maximal 5 new products
- Or are scheduled to appear during the week / month

Doing every week for 2-3 hours
Schedule show 21 products / posting of:
1 April = 3 products
2 April = 3 products
April 7 = 3 products

5. Effort to increase the template, plugins blogspot

- Observe, imitate, modif best templates!
- If the template designer may be the best blogspot ...

6. Business reproduce visitors

- Use of 1000 facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, etc.
- Go to the yahoogroups forums, and the like
- Optimize seo of your blog ....

Targeting of post-1000 articles installments

Revenue Sources

1. google adsense (ppc)
2. amazon (pps)
3. Clickbank! (pps)